Savannah and Josh | West Virginia Wedding Photographer

There is so much I could say about this wedding. It started out to be an absolute gorgeous day, then right at ceremony time, a crazy rain storm came through. We was forced to have the ceremony under their reception tent. However, as soon as the ceremony ended, a big rainbow came out and the rest of the night was gorgeous again.

I’ve known Savannah for a very long time. I did her senior pictures, as well as some family pictures and also her older sister Miranda’s wedding. However, Miranda had to watch her younger sister get married from heaven. I bet that was an amazing view. She was with us all that day and I can only imagine the ginormous smile she had on her face the whole day.

There was alot of laughs, especially when the confetti gun went off during prayer, and alot of tears through out the day, but in the end, Josh and Savannah are married and living their happy ever after life.

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